Group Members

Esmaeil Taghizadeh
Zahra Aslani

Mohsen Rezaei
Marjan Salimipour
Narges Farakian
Hassan Hosseini

Present students:

Maryam Nouri
Thesis title: Generalizing Landaur-Buttiker Formalism in order to Study Decoherent and Polaronic Transport
Masoumeh Zand

Thesis title: The Study of Time Dependent Transient Electrical Transport Through a Parallel Double Quantum Dot Using Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function Formalism
Zahra Aslani

Thesis title: Study of the Electronic Quantum Transport of Silicene-Based Nanostructures
Dr. Mohamad H Zare

Thesis title: Kane-Mele-Heisenberg Model on a Honeycomb Lattice
Mozhdeh Talebi

Thesis title: Study of metastability in evolutionary dynamics on a scale-free network using Moran process
Sara Veradi

Thesis title: Coexistence of different strategies in evolutionary dynamics by limited resources on a scale-free graph
Kobra Alizadeh

Thesis title: Study of the electronic structure of C60 molecule and it’s linear polymer
Fariba Shaygani

Thesis title: Study of the interaction between Influenza A virus and immune system

Mozhdeh Forouzandeh
Thesis title: Study of the electronic quantum transport of disordered graphene nanoribbons

Esmaeil Taghizadeh
Thesis title: Numerical study of the effect of disorder and magnetic field on the quantum transport of two dimensional nanostructures modeled in tight-binding approximation
Fatemeh Heydari
Thesis title: Simulation of the virus dynamics interacting with immune system using cellular automata
Behnaz Bagheri
Thesis title: Study of the magnetic properties of graphene nano-structures
Mahdiyeh Ghorbani
Thesis title: Numerical study of the effect of disorder and electron-electron interactions on the density of states of the graphene nanoribbons
Zohreh Maaghoul
Thesis title: Role of the interplay between disorder and electronic correlations in graphene